7th World World Congress on Ovulation Induction

Data Evento: 03/09/2015 - 05/09/2015

Ovulation induction remains the cornerstone of therapeutic procedures used for the treatment of infertility, such as assisted reproduction and the management of anovulation.

Due to Innovative drugs and regimens lntroduced in the last few years, ovulation induction is becoming increasingly more efficacious, cost effective, and safe. The 7th World Congress on Ovulatlon lnductlon will be an outstanding opportunity to learn and discuss these new developments with intemational key opinion leaders in this field.

The 7th Edition of the World Congress on Ovulation lnduction, a series of events started two decades ago, will be held in Bologna, ltaly, a centrally located ltalian city - close to Florence, Venice, and Rome - that is renowned for its ancient University, historic, cultural, and culinary attractions.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bologna in the late summer of 2015.

Web: http://www.gyneproeducational.it/Ovulation-Induction-2015/